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Your trusted partner in navigating healthcare complexities, enhancing community health, and realizing your organizational goals. Join us in making a meaningful impact on the world.

Community Engagement & Mobilization

We specialize in crafting tailored community engagement strategies to catalyze impactful interventions in underserved communities. We leverage data-driven insights, community partnerships, and innovative approaches to drive change from the ground up.


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Population Health & Value-Based Care

Our team excels in developing robust population health and value-based care strategies, including billing and coding solutions. We help our clients navigate the complex landscape of healthcare reform, ensuring they can deliver high-quality care while achieving financial sustainability.

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Social Determinants of Health Strategies

Swish understands the profound influence of social determinants on health outcomes. We offer comprehensive screening and intervention programs, fostering equity by addressing the root causes of health disparities..


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Human-Centered Design

We embrace human-centered design principles to create solutions that resonate with end-users. Our approach ensures that healthcare services and interventions are not only effective but also patient-centric and culturally sensitive.

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Go-To-Market Strategies

Swish supports startups seeking to gain healthcare, nonprofit, and government customers. We provide invaluable insights and strategies to navigate these complex markets, helping clients achieve market penetration and sustainable growth.


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Ready to deliver results in your community?

GDH Consulting caters to a diverse clientele, including federal, state, and local government entities, pharmaceutical companies, health plans, hospitals, large associations, and nonprofits. Our extensive experience and industry knowledge enable us to provide tailored solutions for each unique client.

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